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Japanese Tools

Japanese Tools

Japanese Woodworking Tools & More at Garrett Wade

For years, Garrett Wade has been importing top quality woodworking tools, hand tools, and gardening tools from Japan just for our customers. We’re a proud home of Japanese woodworking tools and more to provide you with the world’s finest products to help you bring your projects to life. Many of our tools are tried-and-true models that have been made the same way for decades. Join a long line of proud Japanese artisans when you shop brands like Gyokucho, Suizan, Senkichi, Kakuri, and more.

There are many elusive traditions in Japanese crafting that can be hard to master, but with our guidance, we believe you can get the most of your Japanese hand tools.

Tools Steeped in Tradition

When it comes to Japanese master craftsmen, they’re taught that each shaving of the plane and cut of the chisel are a vital part of the creation process. From the first stroke of your saw to the final rake of your soil, you’re making a permanent mark on the world with your project.

Take your tools as seriously as your work when you choose meticulously engineered Japanese woodworking and hand tools for your workshop, kitchen, or gardening shed.

We offer you peace of mind every time you shop with us thanks to the combination of our matchless workmanship and our stellar customer service. Enjoy our 90-day satisfaction guarantee and buy with confidence at Garrett Wade today!

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