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1,100 Lumen Search & Rescue LED Flashlight

Excellent runtime from its rechargeable #18650 batteries

One of the newest in our family of special flashlights, this uses three #18650 rechargeable batteries to produce 4 hours of life at constant maximum power and 40 hours at low power. These key features make it an excellent choice for range patrol, emergency preparedness and search and rescue. It also has a “lockout” function (the first we’ve seen) to prevent accidental illumination. The three #18650 batteries are included, as well as a micro USB charging cord at no extra cost--a $59.40 value. Comes with a Manufacturer's Five Year WARRANTY.

Individual Items

  • Imp. High-Tech Search & Rescue

  • Four Pack of CR123 Batteries

  • #18650 Rechargeable Battery (1)

  • Intellicharger Model i4

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