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Professional Pruning Saw with 12-1/2 In. Blade

For serious trimming work

This professional-grade tool, made in the USA, has been used by road crews and arborists for over two generations. This small but mighty arborist saw has special tri-grind Japanese-style teeth. The blade measuring at 12-1/2", with the ergonomic handle, the overall lenght is 19-1/4 In. Features great balance, and light in weight.

We have an optional, affordable, super tough, sheath available here.  While the blades are made in Japan, the handle are made in the USA and it's assembled in USA. This is an exceptional saw that will make fast work of large limbs and smaller trees.

Individual Items

  • 19 In saw with 12 1/2 In Blade


    Professional Pruning Saw with 12-1/2 In. Blade

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