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12” Tenon Saw – Versatile and Affordable

We love well-made affordable tools that make it easier for anyone to start a hobby, and this great little 12” Tenon saw does just that. Offering both quality, affordability, and ease of handling in one nifty package. Featuring the Garrett Wade brand, it has a tough plastic handle with a fully enclosed classic hand grip; the 11 tpi blade is 3-edge ground, and the hardpoint teeth have tempered cutting edges. The result is a saw that will give you excellent control and precision for smooth and steady cuts. It’s ideal for all kinds of smaller tasks such as frames, miters, dovetails--even PVC. This is a great entry tool for the novice woodworker, and it’s so well made that it will more than match your needs as your confidence and experience develop and grow over time to more challenging projects. You’ll want this one in your shop and around the house for all kinds of tasks.


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  • 12” Tenon Saw – Versatile and Affordable


    12” Tenon Saw – Versatile and Affordable

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