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17” Vintage French Strainer/Skimmer Spoon

3 sizes of Vintage French Strainer/Skimmer Spoons

These Vintage French Strainer/Skimmer Spoons are an essential part of the home cook’s kitchen arsenal. If you’ve used one, you know how handy they are, and if you don’t currently have one, you’ll be amazed how often they will be the kitchen tool you reach for. Use for stocks, soups, or stir fries. Made from stainless steel, their perforated bowls and long handles are perfect for skimming foam, removing impurities, or plucking items from hot liquids or oil in pans both shallow and deep. The form is familiar and classic and the build is solid and long-lasting. The convenient curved end allows it to be hung from a hook or rod for easy access. We have three sizes: 15” long with a 4” strainer, 17” long with a 5” strainer, and 22” long with a 6½” strainer. Any one will suit your cooking needs and gain a permanent place in your home.


Individual Items

  • 17” Vintage French Strainer/Skimmer Spoon


    17” Vintage French Strainer/Skimmer Spoon

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