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1938 Chris-Craft Painted Racer Kit

The Painted Racer was a result of a mahogany shortage around the time of the Second World War, a problem Chris-Craft solved by using less expensive and hard-to-source wood, and painting it in attractive designs.  The model uses balsa strip planks over die-cut and laser-cut frames.  All the other good stuff is as usual: chrome fittings, running hardware, flags, decals, and burgees. At a 1/8 scale, it measures 24” L, with an 8 ½” beam.  Please note that for these kits we offer the model only, not the motor, which can be added if desired.  Complete instructions included.  Takes about 100 hours to complete.
An elegant boat Made in the USA.

Overall Dimensions

 Width  8.75"
 Length  25"
 Height  6"
 Weight  2.75 lbs.


Individual Items

  • 1938 Chris-Craft 16’ Painted Racer Kit


    1938 Chris-Craft Painted Racer Kit

    $210.00 $129.98

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