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3-Piece Netherton Spun Iron Cookware Set

This spun iron cookware set includes three heirloom quality, easy-to-maintain kitchen classics essential. Spun iron pans deliver all the benefits of their cast-iron counterparts minus half the weight. The iron is beautiful, comparatively lightweight cookware with a natural non-stick surface that improves with age. Pre-seasoned with flax oil, all three pieces will season further with use. Suitable for all range and oven types, whether gas, electric, convection, even wood-burning.? The Hand Spun Iron Casserole features wide flanges for easy gripping, a tight-fitting lid to retain heat and moisture, and holds approximately 4 quarts. The casserole can easily handle temperatures up to 840ºF. Measures 12" W at lip x 4 -3/4" D (9" W at base). The double-handled 8" stockpot is ideal for preparing and serving stocks, soups, meat pies, mac and cheese, and more. Two riveted handles make for easy transport and the snug fitting lid has a central knob and steam hole. Top rim diameter 8'', Pot height 5 1/8'', Pot with lid height 5 45/64" The 12" oven-safe frying pan has a classic design that makes a wonderful presentation dish for quiches, pies, and cobblers; or, simply make your eggs and hash in it. The primary handle on this pan is 11" long to keep your hands away from the heat, while the 3" wide short handle in the front is meant to stabilize your grip when transporting your food from stove to oven and back. 12" diameter x 1-1/2" deep. The set will quickly become the most beloved cookware in your kitchen.

Care Details: Spun iron cookware is suitable for use on electric, gas, ceramic, halogen, induction, and wood burning stove tops and can be used over an open flame.

Materials: Iron

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    3-Piece Netherton Spun Iron Cookware Set

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