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3-Season Leather Work Gloves - Extra Large

Made from durable, supple goat skin

Treat your hard-working hands to some extra comfort with these terrific 3 season work gloves. They combine durability, good looks, and unbelievable softness. They’ll remind you of more expensive leather driving gloves but exceptionally durable. Made of soft, supple natural goat skin. They have reinforced palms for longevity and feature a gathering strap on the back to ensure a snug fit no matter the conditions. Comes in three adult sizes: Medium, Large, and Extra Large. The more you wear them, the better they will fit, as time and action work to soften them, further adapting to your hand’s shape. You’ll want to wear these every time you work--in fact you might want to get another pair, since everyone you know is going to want to borrow these beauties.


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  • 3 Season Leather Work Gloves - Extra Large


    3-Season Leather Work Gloves - Extra Large

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