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50 Ft. Jute Rope

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This impressive three-ply rope made from natural jute is unusually strong and durable. Among its virtues, it makes an attractive decorative Boarder and pairs perfectly with our Whimsical Garden Protectors (87B01.08). Tie a knot in one end and run the rope through the center of the bolsters aligned on the edge of your garden. It will create a clean line and protect the lawn mower from accidently nicking your favorite flower. Best of all it won’t distract from your garden.

Or, given its 50-foot length (and room for a little creativity), there’s no limit to its uses. It is as versatile as it can be and sturdy enough to secure most anything you can think of. 1/2" diameter 

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  • 50 Ft. Jute Rope


    50 Ft. Jute Rope

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