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6” Natural Combination Bench Stone

Sharpens on One Side, Polishes on the Other

This USA Natural Arkansas Bench Stones measures 6” x 2” wide and 1” thick.  It's housed in a handsome and protective wooden box.  Combining two stages of sharpening in one stone makes for quick work and gets you back using your tools as quickly as possible.  Start your sharpening on the Soft Arkansas side to get back up to basic sharpness, then flip the stone and get a good polish on the Hard Black Arkansas stone.  From there it’s your preference: you can go to your strop for a final honing or simply get right to work. Includes a very useful silicone non-slip base so your stone stays put on the sharpening surface.  As these are oil stones, you’ll need to supply your favorite honing oil.  These are natural stones - ie cut from the ground, so the grits can vary slightly but the Soft is approximately 400-600 grit, the Hard Black stone is approximately 2000-3000 Grit.  If you haven’t tried natural stones before they are spectacular.  Made in the USA.

Overall Dimensions

Width  2"
Length  6"
Height  1"
Weight  1.5 lbs

Individual Items

  • 6” Natural Combination Bench Stone


    6” Natural Combination Bench Stone

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