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8" Cabinet Screwdriver

Based in the UK, Crown Tools has been making beautiful, high-quality pieces for woodworkers and other craftsmen for over 50 years, and we’ve been offering them to you since our early days in the business. We’re pleased to bring back this set of 3 traditionally designed cabinetmaker’s screwdrivers. The smooth blonde beechwood handles have a pleasing curve and sit easily in the hand, while the English patterned, hardened, and tempered high carbon steel blades are made to last. These are classic British woodworking tools, highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. Sold as three (all flat head drivers) of varying sizes: 3”, 5”, and 8”. They will quickly find a place among your most-valued tools.

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  • 8" Cabinet Screwdriver


    8" Cabinet Screwdriver

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