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8” USA Made Combination Bench Stone

Sharpens on One Side, Polishes on the Other

Our 8” Combination Bench Oil Stones streamlines the sharpening process by having two grits in one.  One side is 320, while the other is an aggressive 120 grit.  Made from Aluminum Oxide so you'll need to use oil as the lubricant.  These are ideal for more aggressive sharpening on your knives, chisels, planes, etc.  Often after extensive use, or when you nick the blade, you need an aggressive stone to get a clean edge.   The Combination Bench Stone measures 8” long by 2” wide and 1” thick and comes in a sturdy storage case. Made in the USA.

Overall Dimensions

Width  2"
Length  8"
Height  1"
Weight  1.4 lbs

Individual Items

  • 8” USA Made Combination Bench Stone


    8” USA Made Combination Bench Stone

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