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Parish Picnic Bird Feeder

This eye-catching bird feeder is sure to turn heads wherever you set it, and welcomes birds of all denominations to break bread (or seed?) together. Made from white cellular PVC, a long-lasting and maintenance-free synthetic wood substitute that resists all types of weather extremes without warping, splitting, or rotting, this bird feeder will feed your birds for years and years without showing its age. Topped with a cedar-shingled and copper roof, its clean look and graceful lines will stand out beautifully in your yard or garden, and the attached post pocket on the base slips easily over any 4 x 4 post. Holds up to 5 lbs of seed, more than enough to satisfy the appetites of even the hungriest flock. Dimensions: 28” H x 10” L x 9” D. Made in the USA. Note: Our Post Anchor will make quick work of installation even in places where you don’t have an existing fence.

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  • Church-Style Bird Feeder


    Parish Picnic Bird Feeder

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