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A Fast Paced and Funny Desk Toy

Two competitors locked endless battle, an eternal stalemate in perpetual motion. The grandeur and soulfulness of one-on-one competition has perhaps never been so fully realized, so perfectly captured, as it is here. Oh, and it happens to be laugh-out-loud funny every time you see it. Reminiscent of the pre-World War II golden age of toys, this mechanical marvel demands to be seen in motion, because pictures simply can’t do its frenetic action justice. A few turns of the key engage the internal spring mechanism and these marvelous competitors are off, engaged in a frenzied ping-pong duel to amuse and delight anybody in need of a moment’s diversion. The ball, held aloft by a slim wire just above the net, swings wildly back and forth as each player lunges forward in search of that championship-winning smash. At 9” long and standing 5 1/2” high, it’s compact enough to keep on a desk or small shelf to lift your spirits during a long day.

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  • A Fast Paced and Funny Desk Toy


    A Fast Paced and Funny Desk Toy

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