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A Five-Piece Lock Pick Set + A Visible Pin Tumbler Practice Lock

a great learning tool

Ideal for budding locksmiths, tinkerers, and emergency preppers, this five-piece lockpicking set has everything you need to learn about the basic structure of locks, how they open, and what makes them work. Once you learn how to use each of the tools in the kit, you should be able to open virtually any pin tumbler lock.

Lockpicking Set Specifications

This set includes five of the most basic tools of the trade: hook pick, ball pick, C-rake pick, diamond pick, and a standard tension tool. Also available is the Visible Pin Tumbler Practice Lock, which is a great teaching tool. It’s like a standard lock, but it’s transparent so you can see how and when the picks work and when they don’t. Keep the pick set safe with the leather case and the instruction manual.

Like many of our products, this kit is made in the USA to ensure the quality and durability of your purchase. Shop other top-quality tools when you explore Garrett Wade today!

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