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Admiralty Pattern Navy Knife

british steel in classic style

This striking instrument comes straight from the British Ministry of Defence, and it certainly looks the part. The Admiralty Pattern Navy Knife’s bold, blunt styling is carried through its robust, full-tang design—but don’t be fooled: the subtle ergonomics at work here make this a wonderful knife to hold and use. Made in England of stainless steel and rosewood with brass rivets, it measures a generous 8” long with a 4-1/2” blade and comes with a beautiful custom-fitted leather belt sheath. Its owner is sure to be every bit the officer and the gentleman, and its papers are most certainly in order; it’s made to NATO Stock Number 5110 99 437 5839.

Blade is full tang. Measures .068 or 5/64 where it meets the handle, tapering down to .043" or 3/64" at the tip.


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  • Admiralty Pattern Navy Knife


    Admiralty Pattern Navy Knife

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