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Advanced Push-Button Digital Water Timer

A beautiful lawn is an investment and a truly invaluable asset—but keeping it adequately watered (and not over-watered) requires lots of care—and lots of time invested.  The single best way to remedy that is a simple, well-made water timer, and this one out of Italy is both flexible and reliable.  With 98 programming options, including immediate or delayed start, it can account for any need you might have.  Seven preset watering frequencies (from every 8 hours to every 7 days) and 14 preset durations (1 minute to 90 minutes) help you dial in the exact needs for your lawn, and the high-visibility LCD screen lays out all the pertinent information and settings.  Runs on two AA batteries, so an outlet isn’t required, and the system memory even retains your settings while you change batteries.  Connects to the optional Rain Sensor device (see TK) to interrupt presets based on precipitation.

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  • Advanced Push-Button Digital Water Timer


    Advanced Push-Button Digital Water Timer

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