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Aggressive Cutting “Umbrella Handle” Pruning Saw

Blast through cutting small trees or medium-sized tree branches without breaking a sweat with this clever “Umbrella Handle” Pruning Saw. An aggressive 13 ¾” long, 6 TPI blade with a fairly tight curve, it’s built for speed and it’s easier to start a cut than using a much coarser 3 TPI saw. The handle shape provides a variety of natural, comfortable grip options and allows you to use the full length of your arm while cutting – a huge plus when you’re pruning a branch in an awkward position. Since the saw cuts on the pull stroke, the “C” shaped handle really gives you added power and leverage. Impulse hardened teeth will stay sharp through years of heavy use. Made in Italy.


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  • Aggressive Cutting “Umbrella Handle” Pruning Saw


    Aggressive Cutting “Umbrella Handle” Pruning Saw

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