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Jungle-Themed Animal Wall Hooks (Set of 3)

These fun and colorful wall hooks are terrific in a playroom, bedroom, mudroom, or bathroom--anywhere you want a cheerful and functional place to hang items within reach of little hands. Made of brightly colored lacquered steel, they’re very sturdy, and will last a long time, while providing vibrancy and life to your surroundings.
The Jungle motif features:
  • Elephant: solid support from one of the world's smartest creatures.
  • Parrot: no cracker needed. This parrot's one trick is keeping items afloat with its talons
  • Crocodile: an effective predator, side hobby is providing wall support

Individual Items

  • Animal Hooks Jungle- crocodile, parrot, elephant


    Jungle-Themed Animal Wall Hooks (Set of 3)

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