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Ocean-Themed Animal Hooks (Set of 3)

These fun and colorful wall hooks are terrific in a playroom, bedroom, mudroom, or bathroom--anywhere you want a cheerful and functional place to hang items within reach of little hands. Made of brightly colored lacquered steel, they’re very sturdy, and will last a long time, while providing vibrancy and life to your surroundings. This ocean themed set features:

  • Seal: they like to play and do tricks, but this one is trained to provide maximum support.
  • Whale: the world's biggest mammal, so a backpack is no match.
  • Octopus: with 8 arms, this octopus has 2 to spare for solid support.

We have them in the jungle motif: Jungle, with elephant, parrot, and crocodile; and Ocean, featuring an octopus, whale, and seal. 

Individual Items

  • Animal Hooks Ocean- playful seal, octopus, and whale

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    Ocean-Themed Animal Hooks (Set of 3)

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