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Anselm Bookbinding Kit


Once you begin to understand how something as commonplace as a book is constructed, you gain a new appreciation for it. While bookbinding has become a bit of a lost art, this kit explains in detail how to bind the provided paper into signatures, which are then sewn together with thread. Linen fabric tabs are woven into place with your thread to provide the structure for your book’s spine, and a dab of glue (not provided) reinforces it. Buy this bookbinding kit for your DIYer friends or for yourself and create your very own books!

Bookbinding Kit Specifications

Included in this kit are a bookbinder’s needle, instruction manual, and how-to illustrations. The final dimensions of your 40-page book measure 4 ½” tall by 3” wide.

When your book is completed, you’ll have a travel journal or doodle pad that will be an ever-present reminder of the artistry and skill that used to go into the making of such things. For other vintage kits or antique tools, explore the selection at Garrett Wade today.

Individual Items

  • Anselm Bookbinding Kit


    Anselm Bookbinding Kit

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