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Antique English Plough Plane 1

Limited Quantities

Antique English Plough Plane with steel skate, brass fittings and brass-banded stems with wedges. Plough Plane comes with 1 iron (steel) and is guaranteed to be in good condition. Each plane is tagged and/or stamped with name of the maker and date, and usually the names of past users. An additional "harlequin" set of 8 irons (sizes 1-8) is available separately. (A harlequin is a complete set, but not all from the same maker). Each iron is stamped with its size and name of the maker.

Every tool in our stock is unique - shown is a typical example in beech, with very fine brass fittings and a depth gauge - and we will not be able to pick and choose a particular model. However, we promise that each plane is an authentic antique Plough Plane from England and has been hand picked for its beauty, quality and charm.

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