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Antique Pad Saw

Also called a Keyhole Saw or Punch Saw, these antique English tools are fully functional. A Pad Saw serves a similar purpose as a compass saw, but are generally smaller and are used for small, irregular interior cuts (like circles) in a piece of thin, flat wood. These beauties feature brass fittings and hardwood handle that has developed a gorgeous patina over the years. The function of the Pad Saw means sometimes you want a very short blade to work with, so the blade is adjustable (in this case, up to approximately 9 inches), by two flathead screws and a plate that holds it steady inside the 6” handle with 2” brass hardware housing. Though we will not be able to pick a particular model, you can be confident each is an authentic Antique Pad Saw that has been carefully selected for its beauty, quality and charm. These are still fully functional, if you just like the satisfaction of using old tools, or if you need period-accurate tool. Also make a great wall decoration for your workshop. A definite conversation piece.

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