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Antique Penny Brace with Brace Bits

Functional and a Great Conversation Piece

We have an extremely limited quantity of beautiful Antique Penny Braces from the UK. Before the advent of power tools, this old-school drilling tool was part of every woodshop, for uses like to drilling holes for pegs and mortise cuts. Each brace is about 11” long with a generous 4” sweep, so you can generate plenty of torque as you bear down. These have metal frames and European hardwood handles, that have developed a beautiful patina over the years. All they require to get them in good working order is a little lubrication.

Comes with a single, square-tapered shank centre bit, held in place by a simple thumb screw. Or you can buy extra bits, in a set of eight, including: 6 center flat heads, 1 driver bit, and 1 rosehead countersink auger. Bits approx. 5-½” long.
Though we will not be able to pick and choose a particular model, you can be confident each is an authentic Antique Penny Brace that has been carefully selected for its beauty, quality and charm. These are still fully functional, if you just like the satisfaction of using old tools, or if you want period-accurate tool. Also make a great wall decoration for your shop or kitchen. A definite conversation piece.

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