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Arkansas Slip Stone

A sharp blade is a safe blade. It’s oft-repeated, but we’ve learned again and again how true it is: whether in the workshop or the wilderness, there is absolutely no substitute for a razor-sharp blade edge.  These Arkansas Pocket Sharpening Stones include leather pouches that slip easily into a pocket or small pack, and they’re invaluable for keeping your edges in shape.  We carry two varieties of pocket stone.  The coarse Soft Arkansas stone roughly corresponds with a 400-600 grit stone and make quick work of your initial sharpening pass.  The finer Hard Black Arkansas stone is for finer polishing and, depending on your preferences, could be your final sharpening stage—it’s in the 2,000 to 3,000 grit range.  From there you can strop your edge or get right to work. We also love the Arkansas Slip Stone, which is designed for precision sharpening and honing, even on curved blades like gouges and carving tools.  All stones are mined and cut in the USA.

Overall Dimensions

Width  2"
Length  4"
Height  3/8"
Weight  .29 lbs

Individual Items

  • Arkansas Slip Stone


    Arkansas Slip Stone

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