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Assorted Antique Cabinet Key (1)

This might be a little unusual, but we just couldn’t resist offering something this cool and unique. These assorted Antique Cabinet Keys came from a large personal collection. According to our source, most of these keys come from Victorian-era Europe, but beyond that, many of them are a mystery: their provenance, their original use, the secrets in their design.
NOTE: one order is one key

All are handmade, either from brass or steel, and the largest measure up to 4 ¼”. We believe the majority of them were used to secure desks and cabinets, and many of them are gorgeously elaborate—they would have been quite special to their owners. (Honestly, part of the fun could simply lie in researching the origins of each individual key.) Use these in jewelry or other decorations, keep it on your desk to admire during a zoom call, or if you’re handy enough, (or if you want to pick up a new skill), reverse-engineer a new lock for them to open once more. Get a few and have some fun.


NOTE: Keys are sold individually. 

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  • Assorted Antique European Cabinet Keys


    Assorted Antique Cabinet Key (1)

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