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Auto Outdoor Security Light

Illuminate large areas of your outdoor space by affixing one of these two lights to the garage, barn, or house. Available in two sizes depending on how much space you have and lumens you want.

As a smaller alternative, the Outdoor Security Light is 7" in diameter, produces 4,000 lumens, and is rated to last 40,000 hours (over 12 years).

Fitted to the front of the frame of both lights is a Dusk-to-Dawn sensor which automatically turns the light on at dusk and then off at the beginning of the next day. Both clear polycarbonate lenses are 100% waterproof. These area lights are excellent for dependable illumination for work or security.

Neither light includes a socket plug so you need to have an electrician hard-wire to a power source. Installing a remote in-line physical switch at the same time is also a good idea. Seems to us like a natural go-to, if the need is there.

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  • Auto Outdoor Security Light


    Auto Outdoor Security Light

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