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Bamboo Hydro Planter

Soil Free Indoor Grower

This Bamboo Hydro Planter contains everything you need to grow 3-5 plants indoors, using only water and a soil-less growing medium. There are included instructions and a video available that simply and concisely explain how to set up your Planter. Kit includes irrigation tubes, water pump, hydroponic grow medium, smart wifi plug, bottom reservoir, top planting trays, the bamboo planter, and all the tubing you need to set up the irrigation system. With the smart app, you can create an irrigation schedule, depending on what you are planting. You can even transplant from outdoors or planters. Approximately 18” long x 6” wide x 7-½” tall.

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  • Bamboo Hydro Planter

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    Bamboo Hydro Planter

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