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Essential Barbecue Set

This unique set starts with our Historical French-made Butcher’s Knife looks and feels great in hand with its striking beechwood handle and carbon steel blade.  Measuring 12” total with a 6 ½” blade, it will quickly dismantle a rack of ribs or take apart a roasted chicken in no time. 

Our Forged Barbecue Fork is extraordinary—as cheesy as it is to say they don’t make them like this anymore, they don’t.  Stainless steel with a natural wood handle measures 19 ½” to ensure safe handling on the hottest and widest of grills yet stays smoothly balanced in use. 

Finally, our hand Brush for Grill Ash and Soot is made to clean out ash and soot from the bottom of your grill—vital for prolonging your grill’s life, as ash’s high carbon content speeds up the rusting process considerably.  German-made, it’s got soft 2 ¾” coconut fibers and a lovely beechwood handle.  Measures 17” long overall. (Don’t use this one to scrub your grill-top grease—it’s designed for softer debris.)  This set is available in limited quantities, so get yours while we’ve still got them!

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  • Barbecue Essentials Set


    Essential Barbecue Set

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