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Big Rubber Tubtrugs In Three Colors


These colorful Big Rubber Tubtrugs are so handy to have around the house and yard.  With a generous 19-½” diameter and standing 13” high, they hold 11 gallons.  These amazing containers feature rugged, built-in carry handles on both sides, so you can squeeze the sides together and grip it with one hand.  Use them indoors and out, for laundry, as a tool bucket or tote, for weeding and other yard work, and to carry anything really.  Not too large to use as a market or beach tote. The reinforced rubber construction makes them lightweight and durable.  Available in three vibrant colors: purple, blue, or green.  Endlessly useful, you might want more than one!

Individual Items

  • Tubtrug L 42L Blue

  • Tubtrug L 42L Purple

  • Tubtrug L 42L Green

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