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Bottle Opener Knife Made in England

Everyday Carry Knife Made in England


The ideal knife when you don’t want a bulky, hunk of steel bulging from your pocket or dangling clumsily from your belt. What you want is a sharp, effective knife that stays out of the way until needed. This slim profile, English made stainless-steel EDC knife measures less than 1/4” thick. Whether you’re opening a letter, freeing a trapped kite or fishing line, or even doing some impromptu whittling, this blade is up to the task. It’s the perfect constant companion. At 5 1/2” fully opened, it features a razor-sharp 1 ¾”. (And lest we be accused of minimalism, it does have a bottle opener.)

Made by Egginton Knife makers, a 5th generation family run and owned business in Sheffield England, founded in 1872. 

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  • Bottle Opener Knife Made in England


    Bottle Opener Knife Made in England

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