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Brass Rain Gauge

This rain gauge measures rainfall or your watering level in both inches and millimeters, in an easy to read display that gets easier to read as it fills, due to the water’s magnifying properties.  Crafted from brass and glass, it’s an attractive way to monitor the weather or the health of your growing things.  Slip the glass cylinder with its clear black-on-white characters into the brass spiral spike, insert into the ground outside your door, or directly into your plant bed to see how much you or nature have been feeding your veggies and flowers.  Alternatively, remove the spiral spike and affix it to a fencepost or any wall outside your window using the attached plate (hardware included). A screen at the top helps to prevent bugs and debris from entering and interfering with the accuracy of the reading.  Overall length with spike is 22 ¾” x 1 ½”, and without spike 8 ½”."

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  • Brass Rain Gauge


    Brass Rain Gauge

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