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Build Your Own Working Wooden Telescope

Spend some quality time this holiday season working on a truly unique assembly project. Our Wooden Model Telescope Kit is a real working monocular viewer that is a challenging (but very achievable) scientific model kit for you to build either solo or with a favorite young companion. Consisting of 314 pieces, this 3D wooden puzzle is a wonderful way to build your own working wooden telescope that you can use and enjoy. The included instructions will clearly guide you through the creation of a vintage pirate-style model “spyglass” that features three nested sliding cylinders, an adjustable tripod, metal and leather nameplate and real working lenses – a 20mm eyepiece and a 30mm object lens with a viewing range of up to 500 ft. The end result is remarkably handsome, and an item you’ll be proud to display. Dimensions: 13” L x 9½” W; stands 12¾” H. Magnification is 3x.


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  • Build Your Own Working Wooden Telescope


    Build Your Own Working Wooden Telescope

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