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Butterfly Hibernation Box

Give Our Flying Friends the Gift of Shelter

From Sweden comes this cozy little dwelling specifically designed to provide a dry, sheltered home for hibernating butterflies during the colder months. Many species overwinter in larval or egg stage, but some have evolved to hibernate in temperate climates as adults. Mount the Scandinavian-style structure on a post or wall (hardware included). Since direct sun can cause overheating, place it in a shady area, preferably near plants like nettles, willows, and elms. Slide pieces of bark through the slits on the front, which are sized narrowly enough to keep out birds and other predators. Leave the bark pieces of medium size to allow the butterflies to find gaps between the pieces. The overhanging double-layered roof keeps out the elements. Solid wood construction. Dimensions: 8 ¼” H x 6 ½” W x 6” D.

Note: Our Post Anchor will make quick work of installation in places where there’s no existing fence.

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  • Butterfly Hibernation Box

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    Butterfly Hibernation Box

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