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USA Made Rugged & Versatile Waxed Cotton Apron- Camo

We designed and made these versatile and tough mid length aprons exclusively for us in the USA. They will keep you clean and covered in all kinds of situations. Wear in your shop or garden to keep all the tools you need at the ready without the bulk of a full length apron. Made from durable heavy duty waxed canvas, it features 3 front pockets of varying widths for tools, phone, gloves, etc. The pockets are all 8” high and measure 5 ¼”, 7”, and 12” wide. You may also appreciate the extra care we’ve taken in the design of the cut, which is shaped so it doesn’t billow out on the sides. Available into fabrics: olive camouflage with orange stitching, with solid olive on the reverse, while the other apron is solid olive green with taupe trim. Dimensions: 24” L x 12 ¾” H. Made in the USA.

Product Specs/Dimensions:

Overall Material Waxed Canvas
Overall Width 13"
Overall Length 25"
Overall Height 0.1"
Overall Weight 0.5 lbs.

Individual Items

  • Camo Apron


    USA Made Rugged & Versatile Waxed Cotton Apron- Camo

    $75.00 $39.98

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