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Campfire Bottle & Can Opener

The Best Camping Can Opener

The great outdoors provides tons of opportunities to connect with the adventurer within. For those who still need a few comforts and amenities, Garrett Wade offers a camping can opener to elevate all your dinner needs while out on the trail. When paired with our specialized campfire grilling products, anyone can transform the meagerest of rations into a gourmet meal!

Can Opener Specifications

The Wild and Wolf Campfire opener was designed and engineered to maximize your outdoor dining experience. Made out of blue stainless steel, it won’t rust, tarnish, break, or bend when you need it most. At 3” long, it provides just the right amount of leverage, and it comes in a great-looking 4 ½” x 2 ¾” retro tin.

Whether you’re a wilderness explorer yourself or you know someone who practically lives to explore lakes and mountains, this is one tool that’s perfectly suited for adventurous life — adventure optional.

Pair this camping can opener with other outdoor tools to ensure you’re always prepared for anything the wilderness throws at you!

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  • Campfire Bottle & Can Opener


    Campfire Bottle & Can Opener

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