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Ceramic Grater

This is a brilliantly simple way to mince and grind a variety of ingredients: garlic, ginger, nuts, carrots, etc. Pure friction is all that’s at work here–the same technology used in a medieval millstone or a Neolithic stone quern. Just grab a clove of garlic and abrade it against the hard ceramic nubs–you’ll be amazed how quickly it’s reduced to a creamy, oily paste. At 6 ½” diameter and 1 ½” high, it’s roomy enough for all kinds of food, and a corner spout makes it easy to transfer the results quickly and neatly where you need them. It’s a very old technology in a modern package, and with its clean, glossy look, it’s also handsome enough to display on a shelf when not in use.


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  • Ceramic Grater


    Ceramic Grater

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