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Classic Blues Harmonica

Gentlemen's Hardware Classic Blues Harmonica

The high, lonesome wail of a vintage, classic harmonica evokes nostalgic images of riding the rails, relaxing around the campfire, and blowing those old blues into the night. It’s the ultimate portable instrument, easily pocketable, and fun to bring out during quiet times. While it may require years to master, very few instruments are as friendly to simply pick up and play for the beginner. The nearest two-year-old will do a convincing early Bob Dylan within seconds! 

Classic Harmonica Specifications

This particular model is in the key of C, making it perfect for accompanying the big, jangly “cowboy chords” of an acoustic guitar. If you’re planning to play the blues, playing a cross harp on a C harmonica means you’ll be playing in the key of G. Jazz aficionados, the same notes will let you riff along to classics like Miles Davis’ “So What” once you’ve gotten a feel for the instrument.

The included polishing cloth and instructions/song sheet store nicely in the stylish 4 ½” x 1 ¾” tin — the perfect size for stuffing into your favorite music lover’s stocking. 

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  • Classic Blues Harmonica


    Classic Blues Harmonica

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