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Classic Steel Ash Shovel

There’s nothing like the feeling of snuggling up near a crackling fire on a cool evening, and our traditionally-styled beautiful Steel Ash Bucket is just the piece you need to complete this cozy scene. The rugged all-metal construction features corrugated sides for strength, a generous curve at the front to allow for quick emptying, a durable wire handle, and an offset base to provide heat protection to your floor. The 16” x 12 ½” wide top is nice and broad to easily catch your ashes from the night before, and at 13” high, it’s roomy enough to hold up to 3 ½ gallons of ash. Also works great for carrying logs or kindling in from the woodpile. It’s rodent proof, recyclable, and weather-resistant, and pairs great with our matching black painted steel ash shovel, which will scoop and transport your ashes from stove to the hod (bucket) quickly and efficiently.

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  • Classic Steel Ash Shovel


    Classic Steel Ash Shovel

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