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Combination Square

When it comes to essential shop tools, the combination square is up there with saws and drills—it really is indispensable, and one that needs to be accurate.

Combination squares are great at (obviously) checking for square: boards, casework joints, table saw blades—anything that needs to be exactly 90°, this can do it. But that’s not where this tool excels. A combination square really earns its keep in your shop by marking, gauging, and transferring measurements via its adjustable sliding blade and a dead-perfect locking mechanism that holds its position and is also a breeze to adjust when you need to.

A quality combination square improves the fit and finish of everything you produce. Ours includes a handy bubble level and a handy scribing tool that nests in the handle. A well priced USA Made too that is made to last generations.

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  • Combination Square

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    Combination Square

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