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Brass Desk Compass Magnifier


These days our smartphones are loaded with all kinds of tools, from rulers to levels to clocks to compasses, but there’s no substitute for the good old-fashioned tools that do one thing and do it well. And when they’re designed as beautifully as our Compass Magnifier, we take even more pleasure in them. Our compass is styled in the manner of an old nautical instrument and will look great whether onboard your boat or resting near you in your home office. It features the bonus of a fold out magnifying glass to assist in examining documents or images. Traditional directional dial with degrees and a heavy round Brass frame completes the design. Keep on your desk as a fine-looking paperweight when not in use. Measures 2¾” diameter and 1” high. Makes a great gift – buy one for a friend and one for yourself.

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  • Brass Desk Compass Magnifier


    Brass Desk Compass Magnifier

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