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Copper-Mounted Tabletop Magnifier

Take A Closer Look — Much Closer!

Maybe you need to examine a specimen in detail. Maybe the grandkids need to have their minds blown. Maybe the fine print has simply gotten too fine. Whatever the reason, you’ve never seen anything quite like this. Our copper-mounted tabletop magnifier is the perfect tool for helping you examine tiny images and print. Read even the smallest print through a high-quality magnifier that is equal parts functional and beautiful. It looks so great that even when you’re not actually using it, you’ll still want to keep it on your desk as a paperweight or ornament.

Tabletop Magnifier Specifications

Perched atop an antique-inspired 2” copper base, the 6” diameter glass magnifying dome makes anything you place underneath it appear simply immense. The base, while contributing its own quasi-nautical charm, isn’t just decorative; it increases the dome’s magnifying power quite a bit over similar magnifiers that sit flush on the surface. You also don’t have to worry about illumination issues as the curved glass dome sucks in light, illuminating everything below. 2.25X Magnification 

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Individual Items

  • Copper-Mounted Tabletop Magnifier


    Copper-Mounted Tabletop Magnifier


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