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Copper Saucepan

Our Copper Saucepan looks great and cooks beautiful

We love copper cookware. It’s beautiful to look at and heats both evenly and quickly – in fact it’s 25 times more conductive than stainless steel, making it an excellent choice for all kinds of stovetops, from electric to gas. (you’ll need a converter disc for an induction stove.) Using tin to line copper pots and pans dates back to at least the 17th century, and our Tin-lined Copper Saucepan, made by a renowned British firm, continues this tradition. The tin lining creates a food-safe, nonstick surface that protects the copper from acidic foods; with proper care, it will last you for many years. Use wooden or silicone utensils, avoid cleaning with harsh chemicals and materials, and don’t heat above 450 degrees. The matching tin-lined lid has a cast iron knob, and the pot’s iron handle is secured with three brass rivets. Measures 7” in diameter x 7½” high, and weighs 4½ lbs.

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  • Tin-lined Copper Saucepan


    Copper Saucepan

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