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Crafty Moms’ Knitting/Craft Set

We can easily picture this set nestled near Mom’s spot by the fireplace or next to a favorite easy chair, her next project at the ready when the time comes to relax.  The #7 Knitting Needles are made in California from sustainably harvested birchwood, making them both lighter and quieter than comparable metal needles. In fact, the light clacking sound is an absolute joy, and they feel great in the hand.  Our earthy selection of Natural Sheep’s Wool Yarns, in Cream, Oat, and Brown Walnut, are deep and rich and will produce lovely original pieces. Made in France and sustainably harvested from local sheep, they’re presented in 100g skeins, approximately from 410 to 600 yards long.  Holding your tools and materials and works-in-progress is our popular Beech Crafts Storage Box, whose removeable lid flips over to become a recessed storage tray, making it a surprisingly versatile storage option.  Measures 14 1/2” long X 8 ¾” wide and 2 3/8” deep on the bottom, while the lid is 1 1/8” deep when used as a tray. A great little crafting kit that’s easy to pack up and take anywhere.

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  • Crafty Moms’ Knitting/Craft Set


    Crafty Moms’ Knitting/Craft Set

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