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Custom Wood Box

Unusual and hard wearing

Bronze (an alloy of copper and tin) is actually harder wearing than the steel used in most gardening tools, and wet soils (especially clay soils) cling to it much less than to steel. And of course, bronze does not rust, although it will develop a beautiful patina. Both of these tools have handsome turned European Beech handles. For the gardener who appreciates using unique tools with great function, go no further.

The large 12 long Bronze Digging Trowel has sharp edges and is extremely strong. It will give you and your family generations of good use. It is more expensive than most others but the cost lies in the unusual material and the care in making the tool.

The 10" long Bronze "Scoop Weeder" is also carefully made (the Bronze loop is held in place using Brass screws), and its function is unique. In our experience, close weeding around delicate new plants with the usual hand cultivator can be tricky to do without accidently having a prong grab the new plant and damaging it. With the "Scoop" Weeder you can easily scuffle the soil and loosen weed roots simply and without risk of damage to what you are trying to protect.
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