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Cut & Hold Flower Pruners

These pruners feature a very clever and useful design that solves one of those common gardening problems–how to simultaneously cut and gather material when you only have one hand free. When you’re trimming flowers, reaching for fruit on a high up branch, or anywhere you need to reach a thorny rose, this side-by-side double-jawed tool is exceptionally helpful. One set of blades is used to cleanly cut, while the teeth of the adjacent set of jaws grips tight to hold the severed material until you can grab it. Use it for gathering delicate flowers for display or grabbing thorny clippings for disposal—you’ll quickly find them to be a must-have 0. Cuts live wood up to 15mm. The very sharp stainless-steel blades lock securely closed, and the plastic handles are sized and shaped for comfort.


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  • Cut & Hold Flower Pruners


    Cut & Hold Flower Pruners

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