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Cyclist's Multi-Tool


There is so much utility in this Cyclist's Multi Tool, it's like having a pocket-sized bike repair shop. It has a low profile, so it takes up little space in your pocket or bike kit. While it features custom tools for bikes–like a spoke adjusting tool and a pry to lift tires off the rim–it also has numerous useful gadgets for the boat, shop or house. For instance, it's a driver with Phillips, flat-head and three hex bits (4,5,6 sizes); the bits are contained in two central hubs when not in use. Has both imperial and decimal rulers. There are hex wrench cutouts ranging in size from 5.5 up to 17.

There are so many uses for this little tool, we've lost count, and each tool is organized and visibly labeled, to remind you of their uses. Even if you are not a cyclist, you won't be sorry to have this tool around. Get a couple, keep them in the kitchen drawer or shop.

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  • Cyclist's Multi-Tool


    Cyclist's Multi-Tool

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