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Diagonal Super Cutters

Unique moving fulcrum design increases manual force 39-fold & ideal for reducing muscle strain

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Sometimes a tool astounds. The diagonal cutter, a familiar and very useful electrician’s tool, has been revolutionized by an ingenious modification. The patented double joint design of our Diagonal Super Cutter increases manual force 39-fold, offering extremely easy cutting using minimal effort--50 % less than other high leverage cutters. The wider the jaws open, the higher the leverage, thanks to the moving fulcrum. This enables thick wires (or nails) to be cut in stages with little effort. Each subsequent squeeze of the handles pulls the wire closer in. Higher efficiency and greater productivity is the result; a significant reduction in muscle strain and hand cramps is the bonus.

The double axle hinge joint is forged-in and precision milled, providing a high degree of stability and zero backlash. It will cut steel tape with no problem, and wire according to the following capacities: soft wire 7/32”; medium wire 3/16”; hard & piano wire (hardened spring steel) 1/8”. The overall length of the Diagonal Super Cutter is 7 ¼’, and it weighs 9 oz. Forged of chrome vanadium heavy-duty steel, and oil-hardened by Europe’s premium maker of industrial-grade pliers and cutters. If you want the very best, we strongly recommend the high-leverage Diagonal Super Cutter.

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  • Diagonal Super Cutters

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    Diagonal Super Cutters

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