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Digital Windspeed Weather Station

There are all kinds of weather apps available for our phones and computers these days, most of which are generally accurate since they draw on government satellite weather sources. But most of the time that aren’t very localized to your micro-climate. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get quick, detailed weather info exactly where you are? Our Digital Weather Station pairs an all-weather outdoor sensor with a clear grayscale LCD indoor display, and gives you date, time, temp, wind chill, humidity, wind speed, and forecast, all instantaneous, up to date, and zeroed in to your actual location. Easy to set up and highly accurate, it does not rely on Wi-Fi or cell signal, so you won’t be lacking important data in areas like a country home where a cell or Wi-Fi signal is less than optimal. 


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  • Digital Windspeed Weather Station

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    Digital Windspeed Weather Station

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