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Double Block Rope Hoist

Faster than any lever-actuated puller

We confess that our days in the naval service has left us partial to Block & Tackle Hoists. So we got very interested when we found a small firm in Ohio making pullers and hoists for construction and industry.

This is a solid steel double-block and tackle using a 50 ft 3/8" poly-blend rope, giving you a working length of 12 feet. Cam lever load latch, safety latches steel hooks, 4:1 mechanical advantage, 350 lbs. lift capacity (700 lbs. pulling capacity).

If you're a city person, you may not have much use for this, but if you have anything to do with a farm, barn, shop, truck, RV or ATV; or if you're a hunter, or tend a largish lawn or garden, this is something you will want to keep on hand.

Although theoretically it can use any length of 3/8" rope, we strongly recommend the use of our tested poly-blend rope for security of strength. A 100 ft. Poly-Blend Rope (translates into 25 ft. of working length) is available as an accessory by special arrangement with the manufacturer.

Made in the United States.

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  • Double Block Rope Hoist


    Double Block Rope Hoist

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